Monday, September 28, 2009

Additional pain, etc.

On Saturday I went to a piercing studio with a friend who was getting a piercing.  Since I was already there and had some money with me I decided to be somewhat impulsive and go ahead with the next piercing I wanted too.  So I now have a barbell through my tongue (I'll try to take and post pictures soon).

The new piercing is still fairly painful, but it is getting better fairly quickly.  My broken foot is also doing much better now; I think it will be mostly healed in another week or two.  Sadly, I am still in enough pain overall that even on two Percocet I feel enough pain that it interferes with things.  Sometimes it gets hard for me to feel good about my body when it hurts so much of the time.

I still haven't had any luck trying to get a job that I can actually do again, however I did just hear about a new one to apply for earlier today, and I'm doing fairly well for the moment with the unemployment pay and food stamps.

I'm considering trying my hand at some actual writing projects of various sorts: essays, erotica, technical books (web programming and such), maybe a screenplay or two.  In theory at least I have some time on my hands now so I should be able to devote a good bit of time to making myself actually write, instead of just learning and contemplating all the time (and partying and working on productive things otherwise).  I've never thought my writing was very good, but I feel like I have things to say lately and I know that with practice and editing my writing can improve.  Hopefully it will improve enough that I'm satisfied with how things turn out and can feel like sharing my work.

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