Friday, September 25, 2009

Frogs, Kung Pao, Painkillers and Insomnia

Today started off with driving from Gresham to downtown Portland to pick up a printed prescription, so I could get decent painkillers.  Then I went out taking pictures of random stuff including tree frogs.  When we were done with photography for the day we ended up stopping at a chinese restaraunt  called "Lung Fung" in Scappose.  The food was pretty good, I'll probably go back if I'm ever hungry in the area of Scappose again.  Now I'm fighting with hives and general insomnia, wishing I could just sleep for a bit.

Not a bad day on the whole...  but I'm still feeling kinda alone most of the time, even when I'm surrounded by people.  The worst is when I'm trying to sleep; my thoughts keep turning to the past and what I've lost.  I was never good at sleeping alone - now I can barely manage to do it at all some nights.  At least tonight I have Percocet to help.

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